By Thomas Mupfukwa

Camera based speed traps are increasingly common in many countries and cameras monitoring the worst accident black spots could all supplement the effort at modest cost and encourage drivers to obey the law.

If road regulations are observed, the safety of drivers and passengers, as well as other road users is guaranteed. Traffic monitoring has improved with surveillance camera technology.

Commuters watch traffic cameras daily on the morning news to get the latest traffic reports before heading out. CCTV cameras are present on busy roads, atop traffic signals and located on highways with busy intersections.

Cameras are used for monitoring traffic and recording traffic pattern data.

In addition, traffic cameras have become a vital cog in helping regulators record and send fines to drivers violating road regulations.

After the government relaxed hard lockdowns that were in place most of last year, traffic flow on Zimbabwe’s roads has increased, abating a decades – long congestion crisis.


Congestion has also been underpinned by improved access to fuel after the government gave petroleum firms the greenlight to import and sell petroleum in foreign currency in 2019.

Introducing traffic cameras on the roads accompanied by an effective ticketing system for those caught on the wrong side of the law will help to ease the traffic jam particularly in the cities.

Currently motorists are failing to exercise caution on the roads. It has been difficult driving into Zimbabwe’s big cities during peak hours.

In Harare, major roads linking leading into the central business district like Seke Road, Samora Machel, Robert Mugabe and Solomon Mujuru Drive are the most affected.

City fathers have previously talked of starting a programme to put cameras at selected traffic lights.

If successfully installed these will record details of the vehicles that violate road regulations.

Unlike traffic police, a camera can be on duty 24 hours a day and with access to records it is not that difficult to track down the owner of a photographed vehicle.

Most importantly, when motorists realise that they are being watched all the time they are likely to observe road regulations – Harare


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