Former deputy finance minister Terence Mukupe has partnered with Harare City Council to construct a state-of-the-art stadium in the Donnybrook area as a way of bringing social development to the suburbs.

Through his Nakiso Consortium, Mukupe who is a banker and investment advisor, is developing the social services at the site just adjacent to the Donnybrook race course

The project was approved by council and work has already begun although politics is at play to try and stop the project.


According to lease agreements approved by council, Nakiso—will construct a stadium at the open space adjacent to Donnybrook Motor Racing Course and will do so with three other developers.

Minutes of the finance committee, state that Nakiso Consortium –which was allocated 7.3 Ha to construct sporting, educational and entertainment facilities and other amenities to support the initiative.

“The lessee shall use the stand for sporting, educational and entertainment purpose only and other purpose incidental thereto and for no other purpose without the prior written concert of the lessor (Council). In addition, the lessee shall not erect or cause to be erected on the stand any buildings or other improvements on the site without the prior written consent of the lessor” reads part of the agreement Nakiso has with Harare City Council.

So far, work has begun for the construction of the stadium while other facilities are in the approval stage.

Mr Mukupe who fronts Nakiso said the project was meant to bring social amenities in the Donnybrook area.

“Economic development is complemented by the presence of social infrastructure such as sporting facilities, cinemas and educational infrastructure. As Nakiso we have seen it prudent to ensure the country’s development story is complete and provide the social amenities that have been missing in the Donny Brook area”, Mukupe said.

The project is set to change the infrastructure landscape for Donnybrook and give a fresh impetus to the zone

The existing sporting and recreational facilities within the neighborhood like racing and gun club are white dominated and only serves the rich and elite, but the Nakiso project will accommodate everyone from the surrounding communities of Mabvuku, Tafara, Donnybrook, Greendale and Manresa.

In the same area, the council allocated 5 Ha to Harrison Marange for the construction of an educational facility. Work has also begun.

Last week, the Environmental Management Agency attempted to block the project on allegations that the project was being carried out on a wetland. However, documents available suggest otherwise.


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