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The Restaurant Operators’ Association of Zimbabwe has offered use of members’ premises as venues for vaccination drives.
ROAZ president Bongai Zamchiya said the restaurant trade had been at the forefront of support for the vaccination programme since its inception earlier this year and more than 95% of staff in restaurants across the country were now fully vaccinated.
“This, together with the fact that restaurant premises are among the most hygienic and well-managed of all business operations, makes restaurant venues suitable for vaccination activities for 
the public, and almost all of our members have the ability to provide such space in support of the national drive to increase the level of vaccinations among the public,” he said.
Mr Zamchiya said members of ROAZ had played a positive role in the fight against Covid and he hoped that no further closure of operations would again take place.
“Member restaurants of ROAZ are well-managed and are centres of excellence in terms of the protocols applied to combat Covid, and I wish to commend our members for their ongoing 
compliance and leadership in this regard.”
He also called on restaurants that were not members of ROAZ to provide the same support for the national anti-Covid programme.
In the past 20 months restaurants have on a number of occasions been closed for sit-down diners, a move challenged by ROAZ in view of adherence to protocols and provision of customer facilities superior to almost all other public environments in terms of health and safety. 
The restaurant trade has been hit hard by these closures and is fighting to return to viability after being re-opened three months ago.
“It is our hope that operational status is maintained and we on our part will fully support all measures to contain and eradicate Covid,” said Mr Zamchiya.
“Our members can assist with venues and with a measure of financial support for logistics and staff costs related to the vaccination programme. We encourage active participation in the vaccination programme by all Zimbabweans and if we can play a role in helping to facilitate that we shall do so happily.”
The ROAZ president said it was essential for the restaurant trade to be allowed to operate as fully as possible and to prevent further closure situations.
“We have for 20 months been either partially operational or closed and it has been tough for the trade, but if we can be allowed to remain open to sit-down diners in situations of adherence to accepted international practices then we can be sure that we can both maintain viability and help prevent the spread of Covid,” he said.
“We remain supportive of the national drive to combat Covid-19 and we offer what ongoing support we can provide.” – Harare



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