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Zimplow’s business units exhibit a mix of challenges and growth opportunities


Jun 27, 2024

By ETimes

HARARE – Zimplow Holdings Limited’s Trading Update for the 5 months ended 31 May 2024 reflects a challenging operating environment characterized by economic uncertainties, power supply challenges, and subdued foreign currency supply. Despite these hurdles, Zimplow has shown resilience in the face of adversity.

Financial Performance: The report indicates a 20% reduction in revenue compared to the same period last year, primarily attributed to external factors such as low international mineral prices and global supply chain disruptions. This decline underscores the impact of macroeconomic conditions on Zimplow’s financial performance.

Operational Review: Various business units within Zimplow, such as Farmec and Powermec, have experienced fluctuations in sales volumes and revenue, reflecting the broader economic challenges faced by the company. While some units have shown growth potential, others have struggled to maintain previous performance levels.

Operational Performance Analysis of Zimplow Holdings Limited Business Units


  • Challenges: Farmec experienced a 21% decrease in implement sales and a significant 55% decline in tractor volumes due to liquidity constraints faced by farmers.
  • Strengths: Despite low sales numbers, Farmec remains the leading tractor distributor in Zimbabwe, indicating strong market positioning.
  • Recommendation: Farmec should focus on addressing liquidity challenges through targeted financing solutions to stimulate sales growth.


  • Performance: Valmec demonstrated remarkable growth with a 250% increase in tractor sales units and significant growth in implement sales.
  • Strengths: The unit’s market share expansion highlights effective sales strategies and customer engagement.
  • Recommendation: Valmec should continue its growth trajectory by capitalizing on market opportunities and maintaining a customer-centric approach.


  • Achievements: Scanlink excelled in the Tier 1 segment with a 71% increase in truck sales and a substantial 300% growth in bus sales.
  • Improvement Areas: While service hours and parts recorded positive variances, Scanlink should focus on sustaining this growth through enhanced service quality.
  • Recommendation: Scanlink should leverage its market consolidation to enhance customer service and build long-term relationships.


  • Challenges: Trentyre faced a decline in re-treads and new tyre sales due to raw material constraints and market conditions.
  • Initiatives: Management’s focus on branch consolidation, staff rationalization, and investment in working capital demonstrates a proactive approach to returning the unit to profitability.
  • Recommendation: Trentyre should continue implementing cost-saving measures and diversify its product offerings to mitigate sales fluctuations.

Tractive Power Solutions (TPS):

  • Progress: TPS witnessed a significant increase in service hours and showcased the Develon brand at industry events, generating interest and potential sales.
  • Opportunities: Anticipated deliveries of new units and FAW trucks present growth opportunities for TPS in the second half of the year.
  • Recommendation: TPS should capitalize on the generated interest to convert prospects into sales and maintain a strong order pipeline.


  • Challenges: Generator sales, parts, and service hours revenue declined due to economic strains and market conditions.
  • Initiatives: Increased funding for stockholding and product support initiatives demonstrate a commitment to meeting customer needs amidst power outages.
  • Recommendation: Powermec’s partnership with an international solar equipment manufacturer can enhance its product offerings and cater to evolving customer demands.

CT Bolts:

  • Performance: CT Bolts experienced a decline in revenue and sales tonnage, attributed to reduced orders from mining houses.
  • Growth Potential: Increased order book and mining sector enquiries indicate growth opportunities as gold mines expand operations.
  • Recommendation: CT Bolts should focus on completing certification processes and enhancing product offerings to capitalize on the growing demand in the mining sector.

Zimplow’s business units exhibit a mix of challenges and growth opportunities, requiring strategic initiatives, market insights, and operational efficiencies to drive sustainable performance and profitability across the organization.

Our Thoughts

Diversification Strategies: Zimplow should consider diversifying its product offerings or exploring new markets to mitigate the impact of volatile economic conditions.

Cost Optimization: Implementing cost optimization measures and operational efficiencies can help offset revenue declines and improve profitability.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with reputable international partners, as seen in the case of Powermec’s discussions with a solar equipment manufacturer, can enhance product offerings and market competitiveness.

While Zimplow faces significant challenges in the current economic landscape, the company’s proactive measures and strategic initiatives position it well to navigate uncertainties and drive sustainable growth in the future.

By ETimes

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