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ZSE extends bullish run fourth straight session, ASI gains 9.5%

ByEconomic Times

May 17, 2023

By ETimes

Equities trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) extended gains for the fourth day in a row on Tuesday.

The All- Share Index appreciated by 9,50% to close at 74,913.15 basis points.

A positive breadth was recorded as 26 gainers emerged against 3 losers.

Top 5 Gainers

SeedCo limited led the gainers’ table on Tuesday, up by 14.99% to close at $340.20. Zimpapers gained 14.94 to close at $7.54, FMP up 14.92% to close at $44.30, Econet rose by 14.87% to close at $562.11 and Starafrica leapt to $2.35 and notched 14.81% gain in the process.

Top 5 Losers

BAT topped the losers’ table at the NSE today, declining by 6.9% to close at $5855.55. Turnall dropped by 3.49% to end the day at $8.29 and Proplastics slipped by 0.24% to $249.38.

At the end of trading, 7.52 million volumes of shares exchanged hands in 326 deals valued at $4.29 billion as the market capitalization closed at $6.39 trillion.

Transactions on the shares of Econet led the activity chart during the day, with 4.27 million shares valued at $2.4 billion.

Datvest Modified Consumer Staples ETF added $0.5208 to close at $4.7575, Cass Saddle Agriculture ETF increased by $0.2728 to $2.8000 and Old Mutual Zse Top 10 increased by $1.6718 to $14.2622. Morgan & Co made In Zimbabwe ETF added $0.0069 to $2.5069 whilst Morgan & Co Multi Sector ETF traded $4.4253 to close at $36.6003.

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