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A Boon for Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean Professional Appointed to SAASWPF Board

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HARARE -The appointment of a Zimbabwean citizen and investment professional, Malvin Chidzonga, to the board of the Southern Africa Association of Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds (SAASWPF) presents significant opportunities for Zimbabwe. The newly formed SAASWPF is a spin-off and affiliate of the African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Forum (ASWPFF), which is led by Hubert Danso and chaired by Obaid Amrane.

Malvin Chidzonga Brief Biography
Malvin Chidzonga is an investment and financial analyst as well as a business development and investor relations consultant. He is the Chief Investment and Research Officer for Nivteil Capital. Malvin is a versatile finance, risk and investment practitioner, having worked for several financial institutions. He has more than 15 years of extensive exposure and experience in the whole spectrum of the financial service sector. Malvin has a plethora of academic and professional finance-related qualifications. He began his financial service career at Agribank (now AFC Bank) and later on, joined CFX Bank. After his banking forays in Zimbabwe, Malvin had a stint in Beijing, China, with Jiang Xing Trading Co, where he facilitated financial trades, imports and exports. Upon his return to Zimbabwe, he joined Zimnat Lion Insurance and later on moved to Comarton Consultants, a pre-eminent pension fund administration company. Whilst at Comarton, he also worked under Comarton’s actuarial subsidiary, Atchison Actuarial Consultants, on the crafting of several financial models for organisations outside the financial service sector. Amongst other posts he has, Malvin is the Principal Officer of the Sports Industry Pension Fund.
Enhanced Reputation and Credibility:
The inclusion of a Zimbabwean professional on a prestigious regional board signifies international recognition of the country’s financial expertise. This bolsters Zimbabwe’s reputation within the global financial community, attracting potential investors and fostering trust in its economic development path. Participation in such an association allows Zimbabwe to contribute to regional financial discourse, shaping policies and regulations that benefit the entire continent and SADC region.
Knowledge Transfer and Best Practices:
Zimbabwe will gain invaluable exposure to best practices in Sovereign Wealth Funds and pension fund management employed by other member states. This knowledge transfer can be instrumental in reforming and modernizing Zimbabwe’s own financial institutions.
Improved Investment Strategies:
Sovereign wealth funds, fuelled by resource wealth or budget surpluses, play a crucial role in driving national economic development. Pension funds, on the other hand, manage retirement savings for a nation’s citizens. By being part of the regional association, Zimbabwe will gain insights into successful strategies employed by other SWFs and pension funds. This knowledge and networks can be used to optimize investment portfolios within Zimbabwe, potentially yielding higher returns and contributing to the nation’s long-term economic growth.
Access to Capital and Diversification:
Regional associations often facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among member states. Zimbabwe will leverage these connections to explore co-investment opportunities with other SWFs and pension funds. This opens doors to new sources of capital for Zimbabwean infrastructure projects, business ventures and social development initiatives. Additionally, the association can provide a platform for Zimbabwe to showcase its investment potential, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and promoting economic diversification.
Strengthened Regional Cooperation:
Zimbabwe’s participation in the regional association will foster stronger economic ties with neighbouring countries. Collaboration on financial matters, such as infrastructure development or resource management, can benefit the entire region. SAASWPF can act as a bridge between Zimbabwe and other member states, promoting regional integration and economic cooperation. Zimbabwe has a lot of business and investment opportunities which are lacking patient and adequate funding to unlock value within those opportunities. Global and regional pension funds as well as sovereign wealth funds stand as able partners to provide that much needed capital.
Commenting on this appointment, SAASWPF Regional Co-ordinator, Nadine Naidoo had this to say, “The appointment of a Zimbabwean professional to a board within a regional association of SWFs and pension funds presents a strategic opportunity for the nation. We welcome Malvin Chidzonga to this influential and vital organisation. This development has the potential to enhance Zimbabwe’s reputation, improve its financial practices and open doors to new investment opportunities. By actively participating in the association and leveraging the knowledge and networks gained, Zimbabwe can position itself for stronger economic growth and regional cooperation in the years to come.”

By ETimes

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