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Jan 25, 2023

By ETimes

Distributed Power Africa (DPA), a business of Cassava Technologies, a leading pan-African technology group, is set to install two carport solar solutions at Zimbabwe Platinum Mines (ZIMLATS).
The carport installations will power the Zimplats administration hub at the company’s Mupani Mine offices in Mhondoro Ngezi, resulting in cost savings and fulfilling Zimplats’ vision to reduce carbon emissions, promote clean energy, and develop green and sustainable mining operations.
DPA, a leading supplier of renewable energy infrastructure across Africa, is responding to the growing need for alternative power by developing end-to-end solutions for customers in various sectors across the continent, including in Zimbabwe.
Commenting on the Zimplats project, DPA Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Norman Moyo, said: “This innovative carport solar project provides a solution that fulfils both environmental sustainability and cost-saving goals for Zimplats. We look forward to supporting other commercial and industrial partners in their efforts to switch to more efficient, greener, and cost-effective power solutions.”
Zimplats, Zimbabwe’s biggest mining operation, is currently on an expansion drive with the development of new mines and processing capacity. The company has stated its desire to increase investments in renewable energy.
With a projected annual energy production of 276,000kWh, the two Zimplats carports will save approximately 161 tons of carbon emissions and over 1,600 trees per year.
Solar carports are a fast-growing trend in the energy industry globally. They offer efficient use of space as they do not require additional land, which is a major advantage for commercial enterprises with limited space – Harare

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