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Innocent Java not just sings he is the song


Nov 13, 2023

By Staff Writer

IN a long time, no singer has managed to bring out the true definition of gospel music as a style – that is Christian music which is inspiring, uplifting, motivating and drawn from popular music traditions.

By definition, gospel music can derive from any number of ethnic styles and religious traditions, but in practice and having a meaning, attachment and message for everyone. Arguably no artist other than Innocent Java has managed to incorporate all this.

Not only has Innocent Java managed to prove that he is an extraordinarily powerful minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but also a multi-talented and anointed force to be reckoned with.

When he sings –  his vocals, choice of words and blend of instruments can be summed up as  – “Words make you think. Music makes you feel, music talks to you directly where conversations might fail,”

His latest song ‘Conquerer’ – which feature multi-award-winning artist, Rockford Josphat, better known by his stage names Roki has not only been a favourite at churches, family gathering, wedding and parties since its release but has ingredients of a “timeless classic” pregnant with constructive words and an up tempo beat that makes one grab their dancing shoes.

Conqueror is a follow up from Dance (Bata Mapendekete), Java did withMartin PK another testimony that music is the fastest motivator in this world and with a song by Innocent Java life can be a sad tune.

Innocent has over the years moved in the revelatory power through the word of God in demonstrations of power, deliverance, healing, prophetic and music.

Born and raised in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Apostle Innocent is ordained by God to have a voice of influence to all nations.  Innocent is a passionate and anointed, artist, songwriter, vocalist, and musician.

He is the Son of Prophet Passion Java, who unlocked him to the highest dimensions of word of knowledge and prophecy.

He was ordained to launch the first branch of Kingdom Embassy which currently has numerous branches around the world. He has ministered in about 20 countries, 35 cities and states.

He is married to Ruth Java who is also a minister. She was born in Ethiopia and raised in the United States of America at the age of five. As international music ministers she and Innocent are an inspirational power couple.

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