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Interview: Meikles Hotel committed to excellence – GM

ByEconomic Times

Mar 11, 2023

By ETimes

As Economic Times we caught up with Meikles Hotel General Manager, Tinashe Munjoma (TM) for a quick chat at the sidelines of the Twalumba Awards, and this is what he had to say.

ETimes: Congratulations on being one of the winners during the Twalumba Awards. How does it feel to be recognized by the industry and how much of a motivation is this award?

TM: The whole team at Meikles Hotel was delighted to be presented with the Twalumba trophy for service excellence, which was given to us as having the best service standards not just from within the hotels of the country but also from within the entire travel and tourism sector. We are well used to receiving accolades like this, but we still value each one and we use such recognition to spur ourselves to achieving even higher standards.

ETimes: As the General Manager of Meikles Hotel, how has been business post COVID-19 which saw your sector being the most hit sector by the pandemic?

TM: We are pleased that the Covid era is behind us as it was calamitous for travel and tourism. It is our hope that the present growth path can be sustained and that we can soon even surpass business levels enjoyed in the year before Covid struck.

ETimes: It has been 3 years since new owners came in, how has been the transition over the years from customer clientele to maintaining the status of the hotel as Harare’s best?

TM: ASB Hospitality is committed to ensuring that Meikles Hotel remains Zimbabwe’s premier hotel and to making sure its infrastructure, operations and standards are world-class, second to none in this market. Meikles Hotel’s status as market leader is treasured, respected and supported.

ETimes: We understand you are renovating the hotel and giving it a pool area as well as a bigger lounge and restaurant. How far have you gone with the developments and how far out are we from seeing the new look?

TM: A major phased refurbishment programme is now in its seventh month and will yield a series of innovations and upgrades when the first phases are completed later this year, including a wholly redesigned reception, social facilities and dining area on the ground floor, as well as a residents’ pool deck on the first floor level. Also on the first floor will be the largest and most modern gymnasium and spa in the country, open to hotel residents and to paid-up members drawn from the community. Further phases will involve other aspects of the hotel operations and these will be highlighted when they take place. 

ETimes: Lastly, as Meikles Hotel, should we expect any new offerings from you guys going forward?

TM: Key to our future success will be a range of operational, marketing and customer-driven initiatives and innovations that position the hotel as the first choice for top-end business travellers, tourists and people or organisations who or which are our primary target market. This success will come only if we recognise our position as the market leader in our chosen areas of business and act accordingly. I can assure you that this is what we shall do – Harare


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