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Milk output in Zim up 5% in first four months

ByEconomic Times

Jun 15, 2023

By ETimes

Milk production in Zimbabwe increased by 5% in the first four months of 2023, official data shows.

The latest data from the agriculture ministry’s dairy services department show that milk output stood at 30,13 million litres during the period under review, up from 28,68 million litres in the comparable period.

Milk intake by processors was up 7% in the first four months of 2023 to 27,6 million litres from 25,75 million litres in the comparable period last year.

Retail milk production, however, declined by 14% from 2,92 million litres in the same period last year to 2,52 million litres.

For the time period under examination, an average of 7,53 million liters of milk were produced. The average amount of milk produced in the nation during the same time period last year was 7,17 million liters.

In April 2023, milk production increased by 4,23% to 7,52 million liters from 7,21 million liters during the same month last year. In comparison to the prior month, it remained unchanged at 7,52 million liters.

However, when comparing April 2023 output to January 2023 output, which was the greatest output to date at 8,14 million, it is down 8%.

After exceeding its previous goal of 90 million liters of milk production last year, the southern African nation established a new goal to produce 109 million liters of milk this year – Harare

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