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NatFoods generator power consumed 712K litres of diesel in FY23


Nov 4, 2023

…mulls 2MW solar project

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National Foods diesel for generator consumption increased by 582 930 litres to 712 851 litres in FY2023 from 129,921 litres in FY2022, owing to power outages.

The impact of the country’s’ unreliable energy supply, which is now one of the nation’s major difficulties, comes as the government is attempting to entice investment into the nation out of concern that the frequent power outages would undermine investor confidence.

“Business was more reliant on generators in FY2023 with 3,175 more hours of generator power which attributed to the 448% increase usage,” the group said in its 2023 annual report.

Recognising the economic, environmental, and logistical challenges of running large-scale diesel generators for extended periods, National Foods is working on a 2 MW solar project.

“Alternative renewable energy options are continually assessed, including the option of utilising solar energy production to reduce reliance on the grid and generator backup,” the group said.

“Working with Distributed Power Africa, a concept design of a 2MW solar installation at the Aspindale site has been generated and assessed. Although no firm plans for progressing the project have been approved, work continues on refining the concept and assessing the proposal.”

In FY2023, National Foods volumes stood at 553 000 tonnes, 3% below FY2022 due to volume losses in the flour unit, on the back of significantly higher global grain prices which dampened consumption.

Revenue rose 21.7% to US$343 million.

The group’s profit after tax declined by 39% to US$7.53 million.

“While this was a disappointing result, our key strategic objectives of moderating the impact of commodity prices on the consumer was achieved and our products continue to hold strong positions in the market,” it said.

National Foods closed VFEX Friday session flat at US$1.5000-HARARE

By ETimes

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