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NBS courts Masvingo Housing contractors

ByEconomic Times

Feb 10, 2023

By ETimes

The National Building Society (NBS) is hosting a housing contractors’ breakfast meeting in Masvingo aimed at finding a lasting solution to construction needs in the city.

This comes as there has been a construction boom that is reflected throughout the entire construction value chain, with countless economic spillover effects on other areas of the economy.

“We are on the second day of our Masvingo stakeholder engagement; right now, NBS is hosting a housing contractor breakfast meeting,” said NBS managing director Tapera Mushoriwa while addressing contractors at the ongoing Masvingo Housing Contractors engagement meeting.

“Our objective is to listen, understand, and deliberate on issues around construction in Masvingo and around financial inclusion for all locals, be it SMEs, corporates, or individuals.”

Delegates attending the Masvingo Housing Contractors engagement meeting

In attendance are NBS executives, who are responding to questions from the stakeholders that are present.

The demand for residential houses, which are also thought of as assets that maintain value in the face of hyperinflation, continues to be high – HARARE

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