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The Pandemic chaos-HR Technology to the rescue

ByEconomic Times

Oct 22, 2020

Staff Writer

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) forced regional and local governments worldwide to work tirelessly toward effective ways of addressing the crisis while ensuring that they ensure that they provide full usage of technological means to confront the pandemic and discourse a wide range of COVID-19 related problems.

In a research Nishant Renu noted the application of technical means and the advancement of technology in different sectors as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis.

He also highlighted how government and health organizations introduced with a purpose to try to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“These new policies, such as lockdowns and social distancing measures, have resulted in technological advancement and new means of interaction with government, businesses, and citizens.

“Such changes include increased online shopping, as well as robotic delivery systems, the introduction of digital as well as contactless payment systems, remote working, and the role of technology in distance learning, Telehealth, 3D Printing, and online entertainment.

“These technological advancements have been embraced all the way during this pandemic by a few countries around the world, with its limitation in some underdeveloped and developing countries.”

The technological advancement has swept all areas of corporate bringing nothing but change and progress.

In the current period of a pandemic, not all heroes wear capes and this introduces Tariro Msindo a young woman who created a system that can predict productivity levels and split large groups of employees based on COVID-19 high risk transmission rates with a click of a button.

This system makes it easy for big Industrial corporates who still need employees to turn up to work in the midst of a pandemic.

“Such innovation from the HR sector shows how technology can make significant contributions in saving lives in the midst of this pandemic,” Msindo said in an interview recently.

“When the pandemic hit, this was a chance to bring new ways of working and quickly HR had to be creative or lose. So, I took it upon myself regarding how can we leverage on technology to split and recommend teams and also tie into productivity using existing and mined data.”

According to the HR tech lead, the system provides a systematic way of grouping teams based on COVID-19 high risk factors, contact tracing which are all factors that contribute to saving lives, business performance and continuity.

The pandemic could have claimed the lives of millions of people across the world but the world of high technology has also lessened the burden for workers at their employment.

Corporates would be taking advantage of such technology to provide a safe and productive environment for their employees-HARARE

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