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ZSE gains $522.01bn, reviews market wide trading halt threshold

ByEconomic Times

Jun 13, 2023

By ETimes

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) reviews the market-wide trading halt threshold from 10% to 15% for the ZSE All Share Index movement in line with Rule 4.13.1 of the ZSE Trading Procedures.

The ZSE circuit breakers for individual securities will remain at 15%.

Market watchers say the local bourse should also be very strict on reporting periods.

“Some companies and ETFs have not declared and paid 2022 dividends in the current hyperinflation environment,” said one market watcher.

At the close of business, the mainstream ZSE All Share rose 3.23% to end at 181,462.64 points, while market capitalisation increased by $522.01 billion to $15.14 trillion.

In all, 5.84 million shares, estimated at $5.25 billion, were traded in 385 deals.

Delta led on value traded at $1.9 billion, while Masimba had the most volume at 2,63 million shares.

Morgan & Co Multi Sector ETF traded unchanged at $138.0000.

Morgan & Co Made In Zimbabwe ETF put on $0.7600 to $5.8300 and Cass Saddle Agriculture ETF rose by $0.3391 to $4.2991.

Datvest Modified Consumer Staples ETF added $1.3897 to $10.8897 and Old Mutual ZSE Top 10 added $5.2424 to $40.2100.

Tigere Real Estate Investment Trust added $27.5298 to close at $229.9498 – Harare

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