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Bezbets convicted for failing to pay punter


Mar 13, 2024 #Bezbets

HARARE – In a shocking turn of events, popular betting company Bezbets has been convicted by a Harare magistrate after it refused to pay out a punter who had won a substantial bet.

The punter, who had placed a bet of US$5,400 on a football match, was ecstatic when his team emerged victorious. However, his joy quickly turned to frustration when Bezbets Zimbabwe refused to honor the bet.

The company represented by Robson Chinamasa was convicted after a full trial by magistrate Simon Kandiyero who remanded them to Friday for sentencing.

Bezbets refused to pay the punter alleging that he had used more State money than accepted.

But the punter argued that there were no terms and conditions on the game he was playing.

He further submitted that he used to lose games with similar amounts but they did not complain.

However, Kandiyero ruled that the company misrepresented to the complainant and committed fraud.

The magistrate said the company was not honest after the punter won. When the punter lost after using the same amount, they would ignore, the magistrate said.

The punter placed a bet with US$394 and won US$5 400. The company then filed a counter charge of fraud against the punter which was later declined by National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe for lack of evidence.

The company also disabled the punters online account and he also reported them to the Gaming Board.
Another court application was filed with the civil courts to compel the company to pay.

The court heard that on October 26, last year at Bezbets online platform, the complainant alleges that he placed a bet on the roulette with a stake of US$394. The platform gave him a potential of winning US$5 400 provided the bet won.

The complainant won the bet and he proceeded to the shop to withdraw his winning bet with a sum of US$5 400.

However, the court heard that Chinamasa refused to make a payout of US$5 400 and instead offered US$1 800.

Realising that he had been duped, the complainant filed a report with the police leading to their arrest.

Experts say this case serves as a stark reminder to all betting companies operating in Zimbabwe that they must adhere to strict regulations and guidelines when it comes to honoring bets placed by punters. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences, including legal action and potential damage to their reputation – NewsDay/ETimes



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