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Mulk misleads President, falls out favour


Feb 28, 2024

By Staff Writer

Controvesial businessman Mulk is in the eye of a storm amid allegations of misleading President Emmerson Mnangagwa that he has the capacity to build the new city.

He is now out of favour with President and has been desperately trying to engage him to no avail.

According to multiple sources , Mulk was given his last chance to build 10 villas by August this year which will be used house Heads of States coming to SADC conference or risk deportation.

Currently, Zim Cyber City, has started the initial stage of the mega project in Mouth Hampden.

It is the first real estate investment in Zimbabwe channelled through the Zimbabwe Global Investments (ZGI) Special Economic Zone (SEZ) programme, approved by President Mnangagwa and awarded through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and Investment Promotion.

By ETimes

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