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Liquid fibre network hits over 26 000 km in Zimbabwe


Mar 14, 2024 #Liquid

By Stephen Chandisareva

HARARE – Liquid Intelligent Technologies says it has laid over 110,000 kilometres of fibre in Africa, despite the cost of capital being a challenge in some other countries.
Fibre is the fastest internet connection, utilising fibre optic cables for high-speed data transmission, but it is not universally accessible due to a lack of fibre cables in certain neighbourhoods.
“Liquid has made significant investment in Zimbabwe and the African continent, we have laid over 110,000 km of fibre in Africa, making us Africa’s largest independent fibre network.
“In Zimbabwe alone, we have laid over 26,000 kilometres of fibre, equipping individuals and businesses with access to enterprise-grade connectivity,” Wellington Makamure, chief executive officer of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe, said.
According to the Digital Data Report Portal for Zimbabwe, the digital landscape in Zimbabwe has seen significant growth, with 5.48 million internet users recorded in January 2024.
This represents a 32.6% internet penetration rate among the total population.
Notably, between January 2023 and January 2024, the number of internet users increased by 115 thousand (a 2.2% rise).

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